About Us


With more than 26 years of experience, Bee is an important player in the market for the production of electrostatic powder coating equipment and industrial lines.

Bee is a company whose experience has placed it on the market as an important and recognized manufacturer of equipment and industrial lines for powder coating in electrostatic field. Our team is made up of professionals in the field who were part of both simple projects and part of larger, more complex projects. But, each time, we were noted for their seriousness and professionalism.

We are a dedicated, customer-oriented team, the purpose that drives us is to become a responsible partner, to build professional relationships based on trust.

With over 10 prizes won in specialized competitions, with 5 functional locations and with more than 200 customers, Bee delivers products to the highest quality standards.


Our company mission is to become a reliable partner, to build professional relationships based on respect and integrity. We are professionals and we treat every business partner equally, being oriented to deliver top quality services. We constantly invest in people who are part of our team, to make sure we are up to date with the latest technologies and that we can put at your service all the know-how.


The values ​​that lead us in our daily work are respect for the client and for his project and business, professionalism, responsibility. Every project that comes to us is different, and we treat each job equally, regardless of its size. We believe that respect and trust must be gained through professionalism and services delivered to high standards.

We are proud to have a collective of dedicated people, people who contribute to the Bee story, in a constructive and responsible way. Our colleagues are trained to meet the highest expectations.