What you need to know about electrostatic paint

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Unlike other painting methods, electrostatic powder coating is a completely dry system. The powder is a mixture of electrostatically charged resins and paints. This mixture is sprayed onto the material with the help of pistols specially designed and developed for this operation. After applying the powder paint, the materials are inserted into the polymerization furnace. This ensures a smooth, quality and durable coating. After polymerization in powder coating furnaces, the paints undergo an irreversible change.


Application of powder with CORONA type gun

This method consists of the electrostatic charge of the powder coming out of the gun due to the voltage that the cascade transmits to the needle located at the tip of the gun. Thus, the powder paint particles are sprayed to the previously grounded object. Then, in the polymerization furnaces, the paint adheres to the material at temperatures between 180-220 ° C.

Application of powder with TRIBO type gun

In this painting technique the air passes through the gun through special channels and is electrostatically charged due to the friction effect. The channels through which the air circulates are made of Teflon due to its mechanical properties that prevent the accumulation of paint and offer a fast and efficient electrostatic charge. In this situation the guns do not have a cascade component.


Powder paint has been used since the 1960s for the first time in Europe and America. In Turkey the electrostatic paint began to be used in the early 80’s. Powder paint, relatively new compared to liquid paint, has gained great popularity in a short time and has found a wide area of ​​use. Powder coating is applied not only on metal surfaces but also on glass, wood, ceramic or plastic surfaces.

The most important advantage of powder coating is the energy saving, because the air supply to the paint booth is very low. The powder paint components do not evaporate, so the air introduced into the cabin can be reused.
It offers high production efficiency. The efficiency of using the powder coating is 95-98% compared to that of the liquid paint which is 20-90%. In addition there are no problems such as dripping or leakage.
In the content of the powder paint there are no solvents, so they are environmentally friendly products.
This type of paint does not generate solid waste. The powder paint is packaged in cardboard boxes that can be recycled after use.
Compared to the installations used in liquid paints, powder application installations are much less complicated and less expensive.


Electrostatic powder coating is a method of ecological painting with high adhesion to the material on which it is applied. Electrostatic powder coating is a completely dry coating system. The powder paint consists of a mixture of paints and resin and is applied with the help of specially built pistols. The materials to be covered with electrostatic powder must first be bonded to an earth for the electrostatically charged powder to adhere to their surface. The electrostatic powder film undergoes an irreversible change in the polymerization furnaces at temperatures between 180-220 ° C. Therefore, if the parts are reheated the paint does not return to the state of powder initially. The coating with electrostatic powder has many advantages, printer that we listed:

Electrostatic powder coating ensures perfect coverage of the pads on which they are applied.
Due to the polymerization process at high temperatures the paint adheres very well to the surface on which it is applied. In addition, as a result of intensive research by powder paint manufacturers, major progress has been made in durability, brightness and color intensity.
Another advantage in favor of using powder paint application is the ease of maintenance of the equipment system. In this sense, the paint booth and pistols are removed and cleaned with compressed air at the time of color change.
The powder paint does not contain any type of solvent, thus being the most environmentally friendly method of painting. The solvent is a product based on essential oil, based on an oil derivative and therefore represents a threat to the environment and to human health. The coating with electrostatic powder does not harm the worker during the application, he only has to wear a dust mask during the operation.
Electrostatic powder coating is an economical method and due to the fact that in the paint booths there is a collection bin for the paint surplus, which can be reintroduced into the paint circuit.


Electrostatic powder coating is a painting method developed in parallel with raising awareness of the prosthesis environment. This method is based on the coating of powdered metal surfaces by electrostatic adhesion. The polymerization is done in special furnaces at temperatures between 180-220 ° C. In this way the paint solidifies, adheres to the metal surface and forms a unitary whole.

The application of the powder paint is done with the help of special guns. These pistols do not present a risk of electric shock because they electrostatically charge the powder paint with a negative charge. The parts that have to be covered with electrostatic powder are charged with a positive charge, so that by the logic of mutual attraction the paint particles adhere as much and more evenly to the work surface. Therefore, during the application of paints in the form of powder, there are no problems such as dripping or leakage.

These paints applied with powder coating installations are produced without solvent. In this sense, powder coating does not cause damage in terms of human health and environmental danger. We have already mentioned that the powder coating on the surface of the work material is made with the help of a special gun, but for the spray paint in this gun to adhere fully to the workpiece, it must be ground. Thereafter the parts are introduced into the polymerization oven at temperatures between 180-220 ° C, a process during which the paint undergoes an irreversible process and adheres to the workpiece.

After they have been coated with electrostatic powder and have passed the polymerization process, the workpieces obtain an excellent coating with an excellent film for corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical effects. In addition, as a result of the continuous research of powder paint manufacturers, advantages in terms of color, durability, brightness and application have been obtained.


Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent-free environmentally friendly paint method. The coating material consists of very fine particles of powder. They are sprayed on the workpieces with the help of special guns. The powder paint is electrostatically charged and adheres to the workpiece which is grounded. There are several elements in powder coating systems, so here are some things to know about applying electrostatic powder:

This paint is easy to use, it is friendly to the operator, but also to the environment. The method of coating with electrostatic powder is much simpler than other types of

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