Heat Cleaning Ovens

Heat Cleaning Ovens

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Product description

Heat cleaning process ovens involves a chamber, an integral thermal oxidizing after-burner, temperature controls for burners, an air supply and a water mist injection system for controlling flash temperature that may ocur when processing large loads of combustibles.

Heat cleaning ovens operates on the controlled air principal. Combustion and temperature are controlled by restricting air flow to the load.

Fire is smothered by limiting the oxygen necessary for combustion. Controlled air ovens are equipped with PLC control showing oven process temperature. When set temperature is reached air supply is automatically restricted. When the temperature drops down, burner comes back on and the air supply is automatically opened.

Heat cleaning ovens include an integral thermal oxidizing afterburner with its own temperature controller. This is sized to supply air to the process chamber exit gasses and bring gasses to 800-1.100°C or higher temperature for oxidizing fumes, smoke and odors being discharged from the load.

Most paints and volatile coating ignite in 260-600°C range, causing rapid temperature rise to the controls adjustable set point. This automatically shuts down the process chamber burner and air supply. As oxygen consumed, flame is extinguished and paint cleaning conditions are established.