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Wood Transfer Ovens

Cod SKU: BEE90

Product category: Surface treatment line

It is designed for the application of aluminum profiles, sheets and similar materials with wood transfer film.

The transfer film profiles, which are painted with primer paint and made into bags, are connected to the special sealed nozzles on both sides of the furnace machine, and by opening the vacuum valve, the air inside the profile is sucked in, ensuring full contact of the of the transfer film with the surface of the profile.

After all the profiles in the machine are vacuumed one by one in the same way, the machine is taken into the furnace starting.

The vacuum pump runs continuously throughout the process to achieve the transfer, the metal temperature is read directly from the surface of the profile. At the end of the curing period, the machine automatically comes out of the oven.

The compressed air system comes into play and inflates the film and separates it from the profile to prevent the film from sticking to the profile. All parameters can be adjusted as desired via the touch screen.

If the wood pattern coating application will be made for the aluminum plate, the connection system on the machine is made using a vacuum membrane according to the plate.


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