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High temperature cleaning furnaces

Cod SKU: BEE12

Product category: Bee products

Heat cleaning process furnaces involve a chamber, a complete oxidation thermal burn, temperature control for the burners, an air supply, and a water mist injection system to control the flash temperature that can occur when processing a large amount of fuels .

Heat cleaning furnaces operate on controlled air mains. Combustion and temperature are controlled by restricting airflow to the load. The fire is ignited by limiting the oxygen needed for combustion.

Controlled air furnaces are equipped with PLC control that indicates the furnace process temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the air supply is automatically restricted.

When the temperature drops, the burner reappears and the air supply is opened automatically. Heat cleaning furnaces include an integral thermal oxidizer afterburner with its own temperature controller This is sized to supply air to the exit gases of the process chamber and bring gases to a temperature of 800-1,100 °C or higher for oxidizing the fumes, smoke and odors discharged from the pregnancy.

Most paints and volatile coating ignite in the range of 260-600°C, causing the temperature to rise rapidly to the adjusted set point. This automatically shuts off the process chamber burner and air supply. As the oxygen is consumed, the flame is extinguished and paint cleaning conditions are established.”


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