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Electrostatic painting line

Complete solutions - Electrostatic field painting lines

Electrostatic field painting line from Bee Masini Industriale – Painting an object is an operation that must be carried out very carefully and at a very high quality level because the way in which the paint is applied depends on the duration of use of the freshly painted object. In order for the duration of use of various parts or components to be as high as possible, Bee Mașini Industriale has invested in creating the most efficient methods related to electrostatic field painting.

This is why, at the moment, the electrostatic field painting line is the best option we offer you.

There are several reasons why it is necessary to turn to specialists for an electrostatic field painting line, some of the most important ones being presented in the lines below:

  • Painted parts will retain their qualities for a long time.
  • High level of adhesion, thanks to this aspect, a smaller amount of paint is used and the final result looks much better than in the case of applying the classic painting technique.
  • A large area can be painted in a short period of time.
  • Various types of materials can be painted.
  • Parts painted using this technology will have a high level of resistance to harmful factors.


The advantages presented above are just some of the most important benefits you will enjoy if you call one of our specialists for an electrostatic field painting line. In order for this to be as efficient as possible, it is necessary to be equipped with the latest generation technology, but also to use this line by people very well trained in the field of electrostatic field painting

As we have already stated, it is very important that the painting line in the electrostatic field be at the highest possible parameters from a qualitative point of view. In order to be able to purchase such a line, it is necessary to contact only manufacturers that enjoy a high level of trust, Bee Mașini Industriale being one of the most important and appreciated manufacturers of equipment and industrial electrostatic field painting lines in Romania.

Among the most important reasons why you should turn to this manufacturer in order to purchase the necessary equipment for the electrostatic field painting process are the following:


  • We have over 26 years of experience in the design and manufacture of dyers, so long experience that we have the ability to produce the highest performing electrostatic field dyeing technologies.

  • We use the most efficient technologies and the best materials currently available on the market to be able to build the most efficient solutions for the electrostatic field painting process.

  • Advantageous price/quality ratio for customers. In the center of attention is the customer, which is why the company offers a cost that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

Considering the advantages offered by Bee Mașini Industriale and the respect enjoyed by this company, it is clear as day that in order to be able to purchase at a very good price an electrostatic field painting line, it is necessary to contact this company. This is possible through the company’s contact form but also with the help of the information you can find on the site.


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